Superior Warranty on Remanufactured Transmissions

An Unbeatable Warranty on Remanufactured Transmissions – From Transmission Remanufacturing Company

When you sell a vendor's product or part to your customers, your reputation is on the line. Now you can relax when it comes to providing remanufactured transmissions because Transmission Remanufacturing Company's transmission warranty is the best in the business.

All automatic transmissions have a 3-year/100,000-mile nationwide transmission remanufactured warranty that includes coverage for parts, freight, and labor nationwide.

Choose from these options or talk to a customer service representative about creating a warranty customized to your needs.

  • Standard: $120 per hour *labor reimbursement. Up to $125 in a rental car and up to $125 in tow coverage.
  • Premium: $160 per hour *labor reimbursement. Up to $350 in a rental car and up to $250 in tow coverage.

Flexible Transmission Remanufactured Warranty to Meet Your Needs

Do your customers want a warranty for their remanufactured transmission with more time or miles? No problem. With TRC as your partner, we'll be able to adjust the terms of the warranty up or down to meet your customer's needs. You'll stand out from your competitors with a better warranty. You'll make more sales and increase your profits. And you'll have more satisfied customers at the same time!

Two people shaking hands over a red car.
You'll rest assured when you work with TRC because we stand behind every remanufactured transmission you sell
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Your customers will be happier, you'll save time and money, and increase your profit when you rely on TRC for remanufactured transmissions